Optimize Your Workspace: A Guide to Desk Feng Shui

desk feng shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice. Feng means water and shui means wind. You must have read about this somewhere. But have you heard about desk Feng Shui?

Feng shui maintains a balance between the five basic natural elements of nature. These elements are earth wood, fire, water, and metal. The practitioners believe everything in a living space has a certain energy or chi.

According to this practice designing spaces brings the individual prosperity, productivity, success, and peace. Objects are arranged according to the flow of natural energy. 

The workspace or desk is the most important office location and influences and represents your career. A Feng Shui desk boosts your career and brings business and wealth.

Here are some of the ideas to get the Feng Shui effect to your desk to attract good luck:

1. Desk Color and Material

desk feng shui

The color and material of the desk greatly affect feng shui. Incorporate the color and material of the five natural elements that energize you. The work desk should be a brown wooden table. The brown represents the earth and denotes strength and stability. The wood is a symbol of growth. 

Another option is a metal table which signifies focus and order. The yellow, brown, or orange colors signify earth.

Green or blue color desks ensure a wood element which is a symbol of growth. Metallic and white color focuses on efficiency and clarity.

A painted red wood desk represents a fire element for inspiration and fame. Metal or painted wood black desks represent water elements for networking and flow.

2. The Shape of the Desk

desk feng shui

The desk should fit the space. It should not be either too big or too small.

You should have enough space to work to flourish. The rectangular desk is good for concentration and is a classic shape for settings. The rectangular or square shape represents the earth element.

A desk that opens on all sides allows energy to flow better. This prevents boundaries and is a good desk feng shui shape.

Rectangular, L-shaped, or kidney-shaped office desks are the most ideal desk designs. They should be well positioned according to feng shui principles.

A rectangular desk provides stability and helps to concentrate. A curved desk promotes creativity and a continuous flow of positive energy. L-shaped desk provide plenty of positive energy.

Standing desks are acceptable in a feng shui shape.

3. Desk Position

desk feng shui

The desk position is important for feng shui.

You should be sitting in the power position.  While sitting at the desk you should be able to see the door without being in line with the door, which means diagonally.

This energetically represents a better view of ideas and opportunities. You can see anyone approaching and it keeps you less stressed.

If this is not possible keep a mirror to correct the commanding position. In a convex mirror, you can see the door’s reflection easily. You should have a permanent dedicated space for working. 

4. Feng Shui Objects on the Desk

desk feng shui

The office desk should have ceramic or earthenware pieces denoting earth.

A green plant represents wood. A fluorite crystal for mental clarity. Crystals such as Tourmaline and clear quartz should be placed at the right corner of the desk.

Tourmaline helps to prevent negative and unwelcome energies from entering. Clear quartz enriches the positive energy in a particular area. 

The plants that can be kept on the desk for wood elements, fuel creativity and growth.

The Jade plant represents growth, lucky bamboo symbolizes progress, the rubber plant helps in business development, and money plants attract wealth.

5. Clutter-Free Desk

desk feng shui

Clutter-free space attracts good energy. Keep the desk clean and organized to increase overall productivity and boost the mood.

Clutter is the antithesis of feng shui and it blocks the flow of energy and creates stagnation. 

Avoid clutter as much as you can and keep only the essentials. It will free up more mental space and wipe away unnecessary stress. A tidy desk will help focus on the task and shape the room’s energy.

6. Water and Metal Elements

desk feng shui

According to Feng Shui, water brings calm and flow to the workspace and metal promotes sharpness and precision.

Water symbolizes the flow of life, adaptability, and the power to create and accumulate wealth. Flowing water symbolizes income. Metal elements enhance concentration, promote clear thinking, and bring discipline and a sense of order.

Include a miniature fountain or small metal sculpture on the desk. The water and metal elements can be evoked by decorating the desk with blue, grey, and white shades.

7. The Lighting

desk feng shui

Natural light is considered the ultimate source of positive energy in feng shui. It boosts vitality and encourages a harmonious atmosphere.

A desk positioned near the window allows ample sunlight and promotes a sense of openness and positivity. Choose an office space with at least one window. 

In a room that lacks light and if artificial lights are required use the incandescent light and full spectrum light bulbs.  Any style of a desk lamp, floor lamp, or standing lamp is acceptable.

Avoid fluorescent light bulbs because they destroy your energy. Light represents yang energy which promotes a feeling of happiness and inspiration.

Final Words

A feng shui desk enhances productivity and makes it easier to concentrate.

It promotes a smooth and positive flow of energy. Strategically placing the office desk brings financial prosperity.

A feng shui balanced and clutter-free desk reduces stress and improves reputation in business.

Try making your workplace a more positive place with these desk Feng shui ideas and you will feel more energized to take on the day!