5 Home Organizing Mistakes and How To Work On Them

Home Organizing Mistakes

A neat and clean home is everyone’s dream. But did you know that home organizing mistakes can hinder your effort to tidy your living space?

The inferior storage systems and poor decluttering methods are common organizational mistakes that create a mess even with our best intentions.

These mistakes make the space less functional and more cramped. It is worth fixing all the little problems that annoy you every day.

An organized home is a clean place, functional, and attractive which minimizes stress.

The benefits are long-lasting and sustainable. An organized home is good for our mental health.

It becomes aesthetically pleasing which makes you more productive. It saves time for finding and locating lost things and saves money for replacement purchases.

Here are some common home organizing mistakes to eliminate to establish and maintain order in your precious home:

1. Starting Without a Plan

Home Organizing Mistakes

Starting a clean-up program without a clear goal and plan is one of the biggest mistakes. It is essential to define the decluttering and organizing goals.

Organizing can be an overwhelming process unless you know what to do. Without a definite plan, there can be inefficient work progress, and unsatisfying results leading to frustration.

Prepare a list of all the tasks to organize each area with a deadline. A good plan helps to stay on track. Divide large projects into smaller tasks.

Planning and organizing a little at a time can be more efficient. Then plan a bit more and organize them. Prioritize the areas that need more attention. After cleaning one area or room move to another area.

2. Buying Storage Materials First

Home Organizing Mistakes

Storage bins baskets, and containers are essential for home organization. Buying them from the store without a proper plan can cause a problem. You might either end up purchasing the wrong size or might buy more quantity than required.

Declutter your home first before buying the containers. First, minimize the stuff then find the right organizers.

Measure your shelves, kitchen drawers, and entryway, and decide what the container is going to store and whether it is necessary.

3. Not Using Vertical Space

Home Organizing Mistakes

Storing everything into bins or taking up more floor space with more shelving units is not the proper organizing method.

Vertical storage is the best option. Use the wall for storage if there is not much space on the floor. This efficient available space makes storage easily accessible.

Installing pegboards, floating shelves, mushroom hooks, shoe organizers and corner shelves provides enough storage solutions.

These are very good solutions for utilizing the wall space in the living room, kitchen, and entryway. These solutions save the floor space and make the storage stylish.

You can also utilize the wall space in various other ways, like wall-mounted jewelry organizers, tools in the garage, cleaning items, and many more.

4. Holding Unused Items

Home Organizing Mistakes

Discard outdated and damaged items. They will never be of use to you!

You might have clothes, kitchen items, beauty products, and other things that you do not use.

When you continuously accumulate things without regularly assessing what you truly need and use, your home might start overflowing with stuff.

They unnecessarily occupy the storage space. Holding on to unused items interferes with your efforts to get fully organized.

Take inventory of all the belongings and decide whether they serve a practical purpose.

You should discard, sell, donate, or recycle these things. To avoid accumulation, do this process regularly and do not wait for a long time.

Organizing and decluttering are not a one-time event and procrastinating is not the solution. By eliminating the unneeded clutter the place becomes clear and it is easier to organize.

5. The Fridge is a Mess

Home Organizing Mistakes

There is a specific place to keep everything in the fridge. Some parts of it are cool and some are warmer.

The door shelf is best suited for storing some of these things. Also, the condiments, dairy products, eggs, meat fruits, and vegetables every item has a designated place to store.

When things are not kept in the proper place there is more wastage, and they go out of sight. This results in more spending in stores. 

There is a mistake in not storing the items in clear bins. The stored items are not visible and they remain unused for a long time and are not suitable for consumption.

Keeping perishable not in the front and center makes them out of sight. Because they are lying in the backside of the fridge for a long time, they might go unnoticed and get wasted. The storage bins should be labeled with pre-written stickers.

This ensures that everything is stored in the proper place in the fridge. This also helps to read their expiry date. Not labeling the containers is a mistake.


Home organization mistakes result in junk collection, piles of paper, and unorganized drawers and shelves. If you do not take care of these mistakes, your home might become a mess.

Therefore, organizing and decluttering is an ongoing process and this should be done at regular intervals. To avoid it or do it after a very long time makes it difficult and needs very much time. So try to keep your home prim and proper by steering clear form these mistakes.